I'm not a Businesswoman, I'm a business!!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Honestly, what is a business?

No! You don't need to go to Webster and repeat some words that mean nothing to the reality. In the beginning, I thought I was going to make some extra money doing what I love! It's become more than what I love. It's become things I didn’t know I needed to learn. Like facing the fact that the people closest to you aren't going to hand you their business. Or how to deal with your first dissatisfied customer. Or the fact that just because you're creative doesn’t mean your stuff is going to sell.

Like most small business owners, I reviewed the work of those more experienced. I spent so much time on YouTube, I could start a class on 'how to waste your time on YouTube'. I researched things about accounting, getting licenses, and marketing. I have a pile of printed out folders I made with business models that I have not followed. I read all these business-minded books and all it did was scare me.

I am not a business mogul or an effective money maker. All the jobs I had before college I landed by accident and they didn't prepare me for being the boss. They showed me how to work and keep a nine to five. I sold candy in high school and I thought eating leftover candy was a best practice. With this, I just knew I liked something so much I wanted to be a part of the market. I am great at dressing up and it has always made me come off as confident even when my self-esteem was lacking. That has led me to meet great people and do great things in life. I just wanted to share that passion and confidence with others.


I let a lot of the ideas surrounding business get into my head. Like, will I get the money back that I put in? Was this even worth the investment? What if it fails? The reality is these ideas had no grounds in what I was doing. They come up when I'm getting ready to update trends for the season and when I have to send out a campaign emails. However, the process doesn't care about any of that stuff. It is really about the excitement I get when I have an order, the glee my customers have when they get their items, and the fact I built this on my own.

The mistakes taught me more than my months of research. I would mess up an invoice and realize, "wow this might be a better way of doing it." And that trial and error kept on until I figure it out. There is no actual method for any business. Just like anything you have to try than fail. Fail, fail, fail, try some more. Cry to your dog and then try again. Then you'll realize no one knows what they're talking about. Not until they know what works for them. It's all about finding yourself in your business and giving it to the world with shipping and handling included.

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