Shopping for Plus Size clothing is a B****.

Why the heck is it that every woman that is not considered the "average" is thrown into the category of plus size? To make it worse there are known differences in the body types of ALL women. However, in the plus-size category, we are just expected to figure it out for ourselves. The idea is to throw on Spanx and magically your clothing will look great. In reality, women can have an hourglass shape, pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped, apple-shaped, or an inverted triangle (upside-down pear). Spanx won't help these shapes change and neither will ignoring how they affect a women's size. I'm not sure why we are being compared to fruit either but hear me out.

The problem is these different shapes will affect the clothing size of women. The hourglass shape is the shape the media has lead women to think is the best. However, even with all the exercise in the world, you can't change how you're built. And we need to embrace all these shapes. Pear-shaped women are usually the chicks with the fatties, who don’t have the biggest boobs. My rectangle women are usually the same width from torso to bottom. Women with apple shapes have a wider mid-section, and the inverted triangles carry most of their size in their chests.

In the fashion industry, if your waist, bottom, breast, hips, and/or your height are above the measurement of the "average", you are thrown into the plus-size category. This wouldn't be a problem if the market for plus size was as large as the average.

I've read somewhere that about 44% of American women would fall into the category of plus size however, only 13% of the women's fashion industry caters to them. Now, these numbers may be a little off but it's not like plus size women don’t need clothing! So why is everyone not catering to different sizes, do they not want our money? And what about not being average makes you less deserving of having something nice to wear?

As a plus-size woman, I have seen this in real life. I have walked into stores where half the store was women's clothing and the plus-size section was pushed out to the back. The selections are usually not that large, usually limited to darker colored clothing and forget about finding any denim or cotton in the mix. Also, I have a problem with the fashion vultures who charge plus size women 2xs the price of the "average" for the same clothing. Being a store owner I know first-hand the price difference is not that large between a Small and 3x.

Most of my plus size friends have been open to me about their struggles as well. Many will shop online because it is less frustrating than going into a store. Also, for those who say "just lose the weight" or pressure plus size women to fit into the spectrum of the "regular size women". Since you ignored the beginning of this post, let me say it again!!! Being taller than 5'10 with an average waist can make you plus size! Having boobs larger than a C cup can make you plus size! Those things have nothing to do with weight. Men have numerical options when finding clothing that allows them to find clothing that fits their bodies. So why can't women have that? But in light of all this the Marjani collection has you covered. Check out our new curvy line and leave your feedback below!

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