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Shopping for Plus Size clothing is a B****.

Why the heck is it that every woman that is not considered the "average" is thrown into the category of plus size? To make it worse there are known differences in the body types of ALL women. However, in the plus-size category, we are just expected to figure it out for ourselves. The idea is to throw on Spanx and magically your clothing will look great. In reality, women can have an hourglass shape, pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped, apple-shaped, or an inverted triangle (upside-down pear). Spanx won't help these shapes change and neither will ignoring how they affect a women's size. I'm not sure why we are being compared to fruit either but hear me out.

The problem is these different shapes will affect the clothing size of women. The hourglass shape is the shape the media has lead women to think is the best. However, even with all the exercise in the world, you can't change how you're built.